Automatic Backlinks is a great service for webmasters. Since using the backlinks all my clients site ratings have improved considerably. So much so that it is a “no brainer”  when needing a tool that works for delivering real SEO results. I highly rate @AutoBacklinks.

I have tried various similar tools over more than 15 years as a website designer none of which have delivered results, or has been as effective and as easy to set up and use as Automatic Backlinks.

I have used their service for several years now and they always prove to be helpful; if you have any issues or cannot get something to work; also their design and interface has been modernised over time as well as keeping pace with Google’s ever changing rules and algorithms. Their relatively recent inclusion of mozRank is a great innovation to assist in getting a good picture of a sites real ranking. With Google’s slow updates to sites rankings, sometimes more that every 6 months, it is difficult to get a proper and real perspective on how good a site really is in the eyes of the search engines (at least the important ones). As an Automatic Backlinks user it is important to know what links are on my own sites generated by Automatic Backlinks system and that they are as highly ranked as they seem at first glance. The introduction of mozRank does give me as a webmaster, confidence that my links and backlinks are of good quality are “White Hat” for SEO and that any bogus sites will get weeded out.

Try Automatic Backlinks  yourself today by visiting their site. Its free to join. You’ll be glad you did.

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The New Maximilian Genealogy site that was 1st launched 1995 – An indispensable resource for Family History research


Western Coat of Arms

This site has been online as Maximilian Genealogy since 1995 and has had over one million visitors from around the World.

There are FREE database’s, including my Master Database 2000, which has over 40000 individuals with connections to people from Europe,(including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Russia) plus USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & many others. All this information will assist you to trace your ancestors. Coat of Arms, Henry VIII, Burkes Peerage, Royal & the Famous are just a few of the many features in this site.

There are many families in the family databases on this site, some small but many large ones.

This site has been in existence for over 18 years. It has undergone several changes and modernisation. In between looking after my own sites I have created many other sites using many of the new tools available now. I have now started the process of completely rewriting my site and this new page and menu format is part of the new look. Please keep coming back as more will be added / changed over the coming weeks / months. I thank all my visitors and subscribers for their continued support.

I recently found long lost relatives in New Zealand and Canada as a direct result of putting my tree on the Internet.. You could do the same, or I could do it for you.

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