CODE THE SALON SURBITON – New main and mobile sites now live

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We have just launched new websites for CODE THE SALON Surbiton. The main site is on the Joomla platform now, so any old links you have bookmarked need to be updated. Google and other search engines have been advised, but any links with an HTML file extension are no longer valid. Please go to the root URL to access the site and see the new content, including The Code’s New Video on “How to blow dry your hair at home”.


Peter Georgiou – Style Director



2 New Websites for famous Services &

UK Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

Call 0161 3340021 for advice

Polygraph lie detection services by Guy Heseltine – qualified examiner since 2003;

Polygraph – Lie Detection Test UK

Most Experienced Lie Detector Experts in the UK, Established 15 years!

North England & Midlands: 0161 334 0021  

South England & Wales     : 0203 370 0033


We conduct Polygraph / Lie detector tests at notice in our offices or at your location/home anywhere in the UK. Our office’s are in Manchester, Kent, Surrey and Norfolk.