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UK Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

Call 0161 3340021 for advice

Polygraph lie detection services by Guy Heseltine – qualified examiner since 2003;

Polygraph – Lie Detection Test UK

Most Experienced Lie Detector Experts in the UK, Established 15 years!

North England & Midlands: 0161 334 0021  

South England & Wales     : 0203 370 0033

Email: info@lietests.co.uk

We conduct Polygraph / Lie detector tests at notice in our offices or at your location/home anywhere in the UK. Our office’s are in Manchester, Kent, Surrey and Norfolk.

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Pain Relief Cushions

Pain Relief Cushions




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Pain Relief Cushions

Pain Relief Cushions

Pain Relief Cushions

Pain is the  bodies voice for HELP!!   How our body tells us something is wrong,  from  many  reasons.  A fall, a bite from an insect,  animal even breathing in unclean air. Not enough exercise, over exercising the body.

Over working, long periods of tensions from other humans.   Even our own minds can affect tension in our bodies.

Negative thoughts!

All the designs of the Pain Relief Cushions work with nature to aid our bodies to relax. Stressed muscles can be painful, used hot the gentle penetrating heat goes deep, relaxes the muscle. Using the cushion cold is safer than using frozen peas, and really affective for the  Dry Eye condition.


Local Community & NHS Magazines

We are pleased to advise that Cosy Cushions (a Trade Name of Pain Relief Cushions) is currently advertising in the following magazines.

Community Care Guide a guide to community services and information: available in Middlesex and Northern Ireland (advert on page 7)

Inside page A5 advert IN:-

YOUR CARE – your guide to care for the elderly and less able Area covered – London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Conquest Hospital – Bexhill Hospital – Rye Hospital – Uckfield Hospital – Crowborough Hospital – Lewes Hospital and Eastbourne Hospital

North Middlesex University Hospital – Crime Prevention & Personal Safety

If you are interested in receiving any of these magazines, please contact us and we will be pleased to send you further details.