Happy Dragon Arts Events coming up




We are exhibiting at the following events, we look forward to seeing you:

We are pleased to let all our customers old & new know, that we will be at the following shows over the next 4 months. We look forward to seeing you there. 

1) Ideal Home Show at Christmas, at Olympia, London. 22nd – 26th November 2017, stand no: S 325

2) Sandown Park Festive Gift Fair 1st – 3rd December 2017, stand no: 152

3) Crafting Live at Sandown Park. 26th – 297h January 2017 stand no: N5

4) Jewellery and Watch at Spring fair in Birmingham NEC , 4th-8th February 2018 Stand No: 19K03

5) Vegan life live at Alexandre Place London 10th-11th February 2018 stand No: 246

2 New Websites for famous Services

www.GuyHeseltine.co.uk & www.Polygraphs.co.uk

UK Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

Call 0161 3340021 for advice

Polygraph lie detection services by Guy Heseltine – qualified examiner since 2003;

Polygraph – Lie Detection Test UK

Most Experienced Lie Detector Experts in the UK, Established 15 years!

North England & Midlands: 0161 334 0021  

South England & Wales     : 0203 370 0033

Email: info@lietests.co.uk

We conduct Polygraph / Lie detector tests at notice in our offices or at your location/home anywhere in the UK. Our office’s are in Manchester, Kent, Surrey and Norfolk.

Several new mobile sites set up ready for Google Deadline

The following clients now how optimised mobile sites for Google:

Mobile website Domain Main Domain

m.wheat-bags.com wheat-bags.com

m.painreliefcushions.co.uk painreliefcushions.co.uk
m.ease-pain.com ease-pain.com
m.cranmorecattery.co.uk cranmorecattery.co.uk
m.paulmilton.co.uk paulmilton.co.uk
m.graphicsupplies.uk.com graphicsupplies.uk.com
m.owengarages.co.uk owengarages.co.uk
m.g-hair-extensions.co.uk g-hair-extensions.co.uk
m.localemergencyplumber.co.uk localemergencyplumber.co.uk
m.westerninternet.co.uk westerninternet.co.uk
m.hhandbh.co.uk hhandbh.co.uk
m.maximiliangenealogy.co.uk maximiliangenealogy.co.uk
m.valleyfinance.co.uk valleyfinance.co.uk
m.kdmotors.co.uk kdmotors.co.uk
m.ftrkas.co.uk ftrkas.co.uk
m.aerialshastings.co.uk aerialshastings.co.uk
m.southerncabins.co.uk southerncabins.co.uk

If you need one contact us soon, before Google downgrade you.

Why Do I need a website?

The Internet is a very powerful medium promoting your service 24 hours per day accessible to customers not only at their place of work but also in their homes. You can be assured some of your competitors will have websites advertising their services on the internet.

If you are a business start up your budget may be tight and need to look for an affordable website design and hosting service, that gets your products or service to a wide audience.

There are many web design companies and do it yourself options to create your web presence. Many companies dont know where to start when it comes to the technical knowledge required to design a good website.

Moreover, company owners don’t have time to “do it themselves” and in some cases have no idea who to go to, or even if they need a website.

Like a good company Logo, your website says something about your company and needs to look professional, not a hastily created site that looks “home made”.

Your website can be as simple as a 3 page one which has the main information needed to promote your business, some background information and your contact details.

If you have many services you may need a larger site with many different features, eg a database, Social Media links and many other possible extras. The list goes on.

You should have a clear idea of what you want your site to do. If you tackle it just like you would you Business Plan, you can give the web designer an overview of your goals and aims for the future. You should also be prepared to provide the majority of text for the various pages, as well as some images, including your logo (if you have one).

In summary then: Consumers today expect businesses to have a website. Therefore if you do not have a website you will almost certainly be missing out on potential new custom and may even lose existing customers to businesses who are represented on the internet. How your service is perceived is vital. A well designed website can create a positive perception of your business, instilling confidence, credibility, and looking very professional.

For further details please contact:

Peter Western

InternetIslands (Sussex)


01444 458437