Maximilian Genealogy Database 2014

We have just upgraded the TNG Software that runs this database to Version 10.0.1 which was launched last month. We have used this fantastic software for some 14 years and have created sites for other family history enthusiasts and host them on our servers. The biggest new feature in this upgrade is that the database pages can be viewed on mobile and tablet devices.

If you would be interested in getting your family tree published please contact us for a quote.

Here is a list of all the enhancements to the database:

Complete List of Changes in TNG 10

  • Ahnentafel/Register: A “More detail/Less detail” toggle in the upper right corner of this page will now allow custom events and notes.
  • Albums: A Tree selection box has been added to the public Albums page (will only be visible if you have more than one tree).
  • Ancestors: A “Vertical” ancestors chart has been added and is reachable for each individual from the “Ancestors” tab.
  • Branches: A new record was not being added to the branchlinks table if a branch was selected while adding a person from the People/Add Person page (fixed).
  • Branches: Admin/Branches area has been redesigned so that the “Label” operation is done from the Edit Branch page.
  • Branches: Each branch may now have a starting individual and a number of ancestor or descendant generations by definition. If people get added to the database later, this will make it easy to re-apply the same rules.
  • Branches: There is now a public “Branches” page (part of the “Info” menu), which shows a little detail for each branch.
  • Export: Notes for sources were not getting included in the GEDCOM export file (fixed).
  • Export: The source count was not being saved, so the final tally was incorrect if the export had to be restarted at any point (fixed).
  • Export: You can now export a specific branch.
  • Export: You can now exclude living or private individuals from your admin GEDCOM export.
  • IDs: New scheme introduced in 9.2.2 was not correct in the case of multiple trees (fixed).
  • Import: A Place’s “Zoom” and “Place Level” attributes were being ignored in some cases (fixed).
  • Import: The PAGE data for sources attached to notes was not always being recognized (fixed).
  • Installation: You can now choose your database collation during the initial setup.
  • Maps: Clicking the “Show/Hide clickable map” link for pages in the Admin area will now cause an immediate search for the place listed above (if one has been entered).
  • Languages: TNG will now load the English custom messages before those of the current language. If a custom message is not defined for the current language, the English version will be used instead (if it exists). This helps with mods that may have only been created with English messages.
  • Media: The “Trim Media Menu” option (Admin/Import/Secondary Processes) will allow you to remove unused media options from the main dropdown menu.
  • Media: The “Body Text” field will now be available for all media types.
  • Media: Public media search will now search the text of the article (if applicable) as well as the title and description.
  • Media: Attempting to select a “Default Photo” would sometimes result in a database error (fixed).
  • Media: Large slideshow images were hanging out the right side of the dialog box (fixed).
  • Media: On some systems, new media could not be uploaded because the server was always concluding (incorrectly) that the file already existed (fixed).
  • Media: Sources with long names (and special characters in the name) were sometimes seeing those characters garbled if the truncation happened in the wrong place (fixed).
  • Media: The Media “Upload” page will now show a green check mark next to each uploaded image to show that everything for that image has already been saved. If the title or description is then edited, the check will change to a “Save” button. Once the Save button is clicked, the changes will be saved and the check mark will once again be displayed.
  • Media: The mediakey, path and thumbpath fields in the tng_media table have all been widened, from 127 characters to 255 characters.
  • Media: Image tagging can now be done by dragging a rectangle over the area to be tagged.
  • Menus: The Custom Menu Hook (which allows you to add new items to the TNG dropdown menus) has been adapted to support the “Custom Drop Down Menu” mod, meaning that new menu items can be added without creating any custom code.
  • Merge: The “Ignore Blanks” option will now also find fields that only contain a “Y”.
  • Merge: If you hit “Enter” from the “Person ID 2” field, this will now cause the “Compare/Refresh” function to be executed (instead of “Next Match”, which you will still get if you hit “Enter” from the “Person ID 1” field).
  • Mobile: Each site will now be able to detect if the user is using a mobile device. If a mobile device is detected, a different heading and menu system will be shown at the top of each page. A link at the bottom of each page will still allow each user to manually select either the mobile or standard site.
  • Mobile: A new, separate style sheet (tngmobile.css) has been added to the main css folder and to each template css folder. It will only be loaded and used when the mobile site is active


  • Mobile: Drag/drop and some other interactions did not work with touch events (fixed).
  • Notes: In the public Notes listing, links back to families did not include the tree ID (fixed).
  • Notes: Some private notes were being displayed on the public Browse Notes page when the user did not have access rights (fixed).
  • Notes: Family links in the Browse Notes page did not contain the tree ID (fixed).
  • PDF: On the Individual PDF report, two-line events (like “Occupation”) will now show both lines (previously only the date and place were being shown).
  • PDF: The space allotted for the date on the Individual PDF report has been shortened from 2.5 to 2.0 inches, in order to allow more room for the place field.
  • PDF: The PDF UTF-8 fonts will no longer be a separate download.
  • PDF: The gender abbreviation in the upper right corner of the individual report has been replaced with the full gender name.
  • Pagination: On pages where page numbers are listed, a new block will allow the user to enter a specific page number and jump directly to that page.
  • People: In some cases new people could not be added if an apostrophe was present in the surname prefix field (fixed).
  • People: Family associations are now visible on the individual page (getperson.php).
  • People: If a person’s birth and death years are known, the person’s age will now be displayed under their name on the individual page, next to their birth/death years.
  • People: The “child descendant indicator” character, which shows next to a person’s child on the individual page if that child also has children, has been changed from a “>” to a “+”.
  • People: The “Show/Hide Events” mod has been incorporated, meaning that you can configure your Custom Event Types so that some of them start “collapsed” (all lines hidden except the top one). Visitors may still expand those lines at will.
  • People: The “Show/Hide Person Media” mod has been incorporated, meaning that you can choose to start the media section on a person’s individual page in a “collapsed” state (all thumbnails hidden, with just a total displayed). Visitors may still expand each section at will.
  • People: The “Scroll Map Events” mod has been incorporated, meaning that if the events listed next to the map on an individual page exceed the height of the map, the area will be scrollable.
  • People: The “Scroll Person Citations” mod has been incorporated. If you choose to enable the “Scroll Citations” feature, then the Sources section at the bottom of a person’s individual page will be capped at a certain height. If the number of citations causes that section to be taller than the capped height, then the section will be scrollable.
  • People: A “Cremated” box is now located beneath the Burial entry fields on each Edit Person page. If the individual was cremated instead of buried, check this box and enter the Cremation date and place in the Burial fields. When the box is checked, the appropriate “Cremated:” label will be used whenever the Burial date and place is displayed.
  • Places: When merging places, if any of the places being removed has a “zoom” or “place level” value, the first of those will now be moved over to the place being kept (like we were already doing with latitude and longitude).
  • Privacy: The first names of private individuals were being displayed in some places (fixed).
  • Relationships: The Parent/Child relationship list will now include “Step” as one of dropdown choices.
  • Reports: The report generator now has save buttons labeled “Save Report” (which stays on the page) and “Save and Exit” (which doesn’t).
  • Responsive Design: Several TNG pages (including Surnames, Places and Login) have been reworked to allow them to display better on smaller devices.
  • Search: The “quick search” option now has an ID field, which will show you all records whose IDs contain the number entered (ie, “I1” matches “I1”, “I11”, “I12”, etc.).
  • Search: The “Search” link at the top of each page can now be configured to either open the “quick search” dialogue or go directly to the Advanced Search page.
  • Security: Steps have been taken to protect TNG against various types of cross-site scripting attacks.
  • Sources: Links within citation text were not made live when displayed on the site (fixed).
  • Suggest: When submitted for a Place, the “Suggest” comment form did not contain all the vital information, like the place name (fixed).
  • Templates: In some cases it was not possible to select an image from among those already in the template “img” folder (fixed).
  • Templates: A handful of messages from Template 8 were not translatable (fixed).
  • Templates: CSS code was added to support 7 or 8 tabs on the public pages (in case a particular mod needed extra tabs).
  • Templates: Three new templates (12, 13, 14) have been added.
  • Templates: A preview slider has been added to the Admin/Templates page to make it easier to see what’s available and compare.
  • Templates: Each of the template designs has been made more responsive, to allow them to be more usable on smaller mobile devices.
  • Templates: Templates using images for titles can now use the Image or a new Text field based on template settings.
  • Timeline: The Simile Timeline code has been incorporated and will no longer be referenced from the Simile or Google sites.
  • Timeline: Events where the year was less than 4 digits were not sorting properly on the Admin/Timeline Events page (fixed).
  • Timeline: Children with no birth dates were showing up on the timeline in the year 2000 (fixed).
  • Trees: When performing a “Clear” operation on a tree, some database tables were not being reset (fixed).
  • Trees/Import: The name of the most recently imported GEDCOM file will now be stored in the trees table and will be visible from the Admin/Trees page.
  • Users: New users with a “guest” role were being given full admin rights (fixed).
  • Users: Apostrophes in new User names were showing a slash in front of the apostrophes (fixed).
  • UTF-8: The method used previously to set names to UTF-8 could have prevented PHP from properly escaping special characters (fixed).
  • What’s New: Families with neither a father nor a mother were not being displayed on this page (fixed).
  • What’s New: Places linked to media on this page were not showing up if the administrator had elected to remove the association between Places and Trees (fixed).


The New Maximilian Genealogy site that was 1st launched 1995 – An indispensable resource for Family History research


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This site has been online as Maximilian Genealogy since 1995 and has had over one million visitors from around the World.

There are FREE database’s, including my Master Database 2000, which has over 40000 individuals with connections to people from Europe,(including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Russia) plus USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & many others. All this information will assist you to trace your ancestors. Coat of Arms, Henry VIII, Burkes Peerage, Royal & the Famous are just a few of the many features in this site.

There are many families in the family databases on this site, some small but many large ones.

This site has been in existence for over 18 years. It has undergone several changes and modernisation. In between looking after my own sites I have created many other sites using many of the new tools available now. I have now started the process of completely rewriting my site and this new page and menu format is part of the new look. Please keep coming back as more will be added / changed over the coming weeks / months. I thank all my visitors and subscribers for their continued support.

I recently found long lost relatives in New Zealand and Canada as a direct result of putting my tree on the Internet.. You could do the same, or I could do it for you.

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